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Welcome to Super Spider Hero City Battle simulation game. This Super hero flying spider game is especially for superheroes fan who want to save the people from Gangsters and Criminals.
Become a super hero & a spider army man or a future spider at the same time. Kill the terrorist and criminals and save the citizen. In the year 2017, crime continued to proliferate. Grand City was victim of chaos. Criminals all over the city tried to claim their own territory. Situation is beyond control of army and police. For ultimate survival of big city flying spider survival hero is needed who can act as police hero for citizen. You are the super spider hero with amazing super powers & strange abilities everyone looks up to. You can fly & you can move superfast like a spider. So to use your super spider hero super powers & strange abilities you choose to join military army to perform rescue duty in war & serve your country. In this super spider hero city battle game kill enemy terrorists to prove that you are the best super spider strange 3d war hero.
You can fly & move with superfast like a spider. Use your super powers to save the people of the New York city from natural calamities. Exhibit epic flying abilities in an ultimate spider action simulator of 2017. Rescue city people with your super amazing survival power. There might be someone in dangerous condition waiting for help or somebody is hit badly by car, truck or buss. Here is when your futuristic super spider flying hero powers come in play. Be a rescue spider super hero in New York city and use your superhero abilities to fly in the emergency situation before any sudden calamity. Be the only super spider 3d strange of big city and let no other take your position. Make the best Flying Super Spider Hero Survival story in this amazing flying simulator game of 2017.
In this new war of future spider, you are spider army all the people look over you & believe in your mutant powers .Fly high in the sky as real superhero spider legend and become a real fighter against gangsters crime in the city. Fight bravely with city gangsters and criminals. Teach them hard lesson. Make best use of spider power fighting skills and put an end to gangster reign. Take off to into the sky as a superhero of city and look around for survival rescue missions. Counter each situation bravely to make an epic Super Spider City battle Hero of 2017.
★★★ Features of Super Spider Hero City Battle ★★★
• Fight as futuristic spider hero and take into as strange war hero in spider fighting games.
• Real super spider war! Perform your rescue duty.
• Amazing City Environment to explore.
• High Quality 3D Graphics and Sound Effects
• Epic battle with gangsters and supervillains.
• Action-filled battle & rescue missions, unseen in other strange hero battle games.
• Amazing Spider Hero Controls and Animations!


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