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Make your escape plan as bat hero in this secret stealth mission game. In this thrilling survival action filled city survival and prison escape game. Bat Secret Stealth Mission allows you to play as a super hero who has been captured by villain, thugs and gangster enemies. Make powerful escape from the villain’s prison & take down all the gangsters in the final city battle. Are you fed up with spider stealth mission with secret plan and escape games? Play as bat hero and face the evil enemies and defeat the and become a bat battle hero.

In this Bat stealth agent mission game play as a secret agent with flying and mutant powers to of defense and escape. The enemy knows that you have all the information you required, they can't sentence you to death before evidences. They have put you in a high security prison jail and you now need a jailbreak plan to save the citizens. Start your multiple secret stealth missions like survive, escape the prison jail and save your town in this final city battle with villains and thugs. Face monster enemies in this final battle of survival against the mafia and street thugs. Navy stealth mission with your immortal legend! Yes with bat superhero is coming soon but now play with the this legend rises from unknown universe to save the people of town.

Bat hero has strange mutant powers just execute your escape plans as you have huge responsibility to save the city. Bat superhero is always an immortal legend and facing mortal enemies in agent stealth mission in spy game. Super bat hero city battle with Bat Secret Stealth Mission is a stealth action game. Your super mutant strange powers have always helped you in this mutant bat hero game. Use your super strange powers to escape the jail prison and run to save the city which is under the battle.

Features of Bat Hero City Battle:

- Use mutant powers to defeat your enemy.
- Bat with furious battle in stealth mission games.
- Win the battle as frontline bat hero. 
- Mission oriented with lots of bat fight missions.
- Action based gameplay with realistic sound effects & graphics.

Your Bat hero with mutant powers to win this war as you are playing like a navy of the stealth game. Play like the dark legend as a bat hero. Bat survival hero is here for rescue the city. Play now Bat Secret Stealth Mission and join the city battle as bat superhero.

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