Bat Hero: Strange War 3D

Fight against the evils and gangsters as the legend rises from the dark skies to help the people in city battle from supervillains. Your bat hero will face evil forces as he is bat superhero and came to help in the havoc situations. Strange flying bat hero will save the city as the bat battle vs evils has been started. Story is based upon superheroes fighting good vs. evil story and this bat hero will fight for the fate of the city in this strange city war. So you have to become a strange hero and crush the evils, city thugs and mafia as the future battle has just started. But this time not with spider hero but the bat superhero. Your mutant super bat hero having strange powers to defend the city and people in hard situations. Play as Bat Hero: Strange War 3D and help people in battle situation because you are immortal legend.

You are performing as a bat hero and show your strange powers and abilities in future battle. Destroy your enemies in cruel strange war and become a legend who is rises from the darkness of the sky. Defeat the villains in future battle, prove that you are a bat hero in this strange war and become an Strange bat avenger hero! All is in your hand now in this bat superhero game with legend rises addition. Super bat hero will use super fast weapons for defense to kill them fast as flying bat hero.

You are a strange war hero and in a real future battle last hope for the people of the city as flying bat superhero. Become a defender of the law and defeat the offenders of law, crash everything in its path and beat a super villain! Every one believes in your mutant bat super hero strange powers & they know you will do anything to perform your duty in future battle. So play as bat superhero and help people as a legend rises from the red sky at evening. 

Features of Bat War Hero:

- Take a part as a immortal strange battle hero and defeat enemies.
- Super bat hero will face many supervillains.
- Epic war & city battle situations with monster villains. 
- Play as a flying bat hero with strange powers to protect and rescue.
- Real Bat hero game for the lovers who become super strange hero of war. 

Your mutant super bat hero strange war having strange powers always helped you save your city in situation of war or battle. Play now Bat Hero: Strange War 3D and face the evil monster forces of the city in strange war.


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Jul 10, 2017

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