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Every wanted to be a wild dog? Play as an angry dog in wild dog survival game and get ready for your wilder attack in big city. This dog simulator will take you to the journey of wilderness and hunger in dog survival games. Now you get the chance to see how they behave in the world of anger & wild. Here is a chance to live the life of a giant angry & wild dog in dog survival game! Hunt and fight to survive in the jungle and city with wild dog games. The place is full of all kinds of animals & town humans fighting to live and ultimate survival. Attack and kill for food as an angry dog because hunger is on top! Eat up your preys for power and survival in the big city. You aim is to fight with people of the town with dog attack in city and mighty jungle beasts or wild animals its time to be wild and come to join for your hunger in dog survival game with Angry Dog City Attack Simulator. New addition in dog attack games and dog simulator games 2017.

This Dog sim is not a based on raise a family story but the wildness and ferocious attack of angry dog. In Dog Simulator attack in city and destroy or hunt as many things as possible to rack up your authority with your ultimate dog. Wild German shepherd dog is a Combination of dog's adventures, Simulation and rampage around the massive city. Realistic simulation of Dog's life and its big attacks. Enter in the town and start your dog attack and hunting in this wild dog city hunt and dog escape game. This is ultimate dog rampage game for the lovers of chaos and destruction or havoc in city. Play like a wild hungry beast animal that is on loose for its prey.

Its time to be ready to become a wild German shepherd dog simulation Adventure game! Explore the city life and hunting to feast on. You have to clear multiple challenging quests for your wild and angry dog survival simulator. Because defeat will end up with the level failed and your mighty beast dog will be killed in dog escape game. So get ready for this survival simulator and play latest in wild dog games.


• Various adventure quests in dog sim.
• Dog games with realistic graphics and HD gameplay.
• Smooth controls and dog attack animations.
• Dog rampage, chaos, destruction and survival missions.
• Actual thrill of hunt down animals and humans in dog attack games.
• Dog fighting game of 2017 for wild escape and dog online hunt.

Download now the super hot dog attack in city simulator game with dog fighting and survival game. Play Angry Dog City Attack Sim and feel the thrill of city attack and hunt or bite of wild shepherd beast.

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